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Medical Consultancy

Dr. Alexander Kraft Medical Consulting is based on knowledge, gained over 40 years of practical experience as an orthopedic doctor and surgeon.

Having been a pioneer in the conservative treatment of spine disorders, Dr. Kraft has shared his experience in his book "Messer Weg", which was nominated for the best medical book by the German ... association.


After leaving his active medical practice, Dr. Kraft decided to focus on helping patients with severe back problems by providing a second opinion. Aside from that, he is advising doctors and medical institutions on how to establish his successful concept of Centers of Spine Excellence. He is also working with companies to ensure the ergonomic compliance of their workspaces.


Recently he started cooperating with a team of other professionals to develop a new concept of Senior Living.

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we are

The following services are offered at Dr. Krafts medical consultation practice.




Dr. Kraft consults with patients who have been recommended spinal treatments. His second opinion with extensive knowledge on the subject gives peace of mind and confidence to patients.

centers of



A successful and proven one-stop-shop concept for the most efficient and effective treatment of spine diseases.

We support doctors and other medical institutions in setting up new Centers of Spine Excellence


ergonomic workplace consulting

Consult with Dr. Kraft on the best ergonomic practices for your workplace to ensure employee health and productivity.




Planning and development of a new way of Senior Living facilities.


dr. alexander kraft

Dr. Alexander Kraft has more than 40 years of experience working as an orthopedic surgeon.


He was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. Dr. Kraft started his orthopedic internship at the University Hospital Innsbruck where he was trained in spine surgery and later continued to University Hospital Vienna. Back then Dr. Kraft was a member of the team of Prof. Karl Zweymüller developing the cement-free hip replacement.

Later on, he changed to City Hospital Zwettl where he was appointed as  surgeon in chief in the orthopedic department.

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why choose

dr. kraft?

Spinal diseases are treated by doctors from different faculties, which means each doctor sees the problem from his point of view, and the patient will not always get the treatment they need, but more likely to receive the treatment the doctor is familiar with.

In this case, when patients are not sure if the offered treatment is the best suitable for them, a second opinion by a specialist who is not financially involved with the treatment of the patient, might be very helpful.

unbiased opinion
40 years experience as an orthopedic surgeon
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20 years experience in the treatment of spine disorders


With over 40 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Alexander has a meaningful and helpful insight to share to help people feel comfortable in their medical decision making.
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