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Due to changes in the world of work today, only 10% of people in western countries still use physical activities in the workplace on a day-to-day basis. There is a massive increase in computer activity this day in age that requires sitting for over 8 hours per day.  When budgets for office interiors are set in place, the place where they tend to go for the cheaper options is, unfortunately, in the office furniture. Although it seems like a smart move at the time, this is a short-term strategy because, with a poorly equipped, nonindividual adapted workplace for the employee, that person has a significantly increased risk of disease.


No company this day in age would allow workers on a construction site without a helmet, gloves or safety shoes, but it’s very common for employees to work at ill-equipped workstations where they run the risk of getting diseases brought on by poorly adapted office furniture. These diseases sneak up on you, not like an accident at work doing manual labor, but they are as serious as each other. 

The continuous malposition of the body creates occurring illnesses that manifest themselves by muscle tensions in the neck, shoulders and upper spine. If you add a lack of sleep on top of this, your tension will become chronic and muscular imbalances will arise with headaches, dizziness, and lack of concentration.

Now let’s walk you through what a not-so-good workstation could look like. A table which is too high with a chair which is too low. This does not lead to a relaxed posture as your shoulders will be raised. Your forearms must be actively bent in the elbow as tensioning of the forearm muscles leads to tension in the neck muscles and headaches, not ideal when you’re trying to get all your work done. This also means that your screen will not be at eye-level, your focus will either be too low or too high, again, this leads to more headaches. If you’re looking at your screen at a slant, this also causes one-sided headaches.

An investment in an ergonomic workspace is an investment in the success of your business.

Get in contact with us to consult with Dr. Kraft on the best ergonomic practices for your workplace to ensure employee health and productivity.

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