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Healthcare expenses for medical examination and treatment are exploding due to advanced technology and easier accessibility in better-developed countries. On the other hand, it is sometimes difficult to get a diagnosis and proper treatment in lesser developed countries due to a lack of equipment and access to specialized physicians. 

To reduce the pressure on outpatient facilities of general hospitals, independent specialized outpatient Centers, the so-called Centers of Excellence can be the solution. These Centers are focused on diagnostics and treatment of a special group of diseases and have highly specialized doctors and other therapists operating from there. For example; Centers of Cardiologic Excellence, Centers of Spine Excellence. 

Vertebralia was first to establish a Center of Spine Excellence in Vienna in 1990. Later one followed in Warszawa and the second one in Vienna.

Spinal disorders are a big problem not just for patients but also for physicians who are not always experienced but nonetheless still try to treat patients, often unsuccessfully.  Another reason why spinal disorders remain to be a big issue is the exploding treatment expenses for the healthcare system.

What’s left are legions of unhappy frustrated suffering patients 

The implementation of Centers of Spine Excellence will provide advantages to patients who will receive more focused and improved treatment, it will also be an advantage to healthcare insurance companies due to the reduced costs. 

So why does it make sense to be a partner or even own a Vertebralia Center of Spine Excellence?

You are not required to be a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon, every MD with a focus on back pain is able to do it. Less than 5 % of all back pain patients need surgery. If you follow the holistic based Vertebralia way, you will become a  specialist who will increase the number of satisfied patients.

Dr. Alexander Kraft, former owner, and surgeon in chief of Vertebralia and his team will be happy to share their experience with you in establishing or planning such a Center of Spine Excellence. They will also provide the right training to you and your team to guarantee success.

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