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medical consultancy

In the orthopedic field, getting a second opinion before agreeing to a certain treatment is recommended.  In the last decade, we have seen a rapid development in medical diagnostics and therapy supported by the business interests of the medical, technical and/or pharmaceutical industry. This has led to a wide range of possible treatments that are often difficult to understand for patients. Additionally, there is a lack of clearly defined state of the art treatment guidelines. 

Due to different medical education and experience, doctors treating the same disease often have different ideas on how and which treatments to perform. This combination often leads to great uncertainty when patients have to decide whether to agree or not to a suggested treatment. 

In the treatment of spinal disorder problems, which is a severe disease with a high impact on the physical and mental wellbeing, getting a second opinion can minimize the doubt and give peace of mind for the patient.

Spinal diseases are treated by doctors from different faculties, meaning they all see the problem from their own point of view, and the patient will not always get the treatment they need but are more likely to receive the treatment that the doctor is familiar with. In this case, when patients are not sure if the offered treatment is the best suitable for them, a second opinion by a specialist who is not financially involved with the treatment. The second opinion becomes helpful and reassuring for the patient.

Dr. Alexander Kraft has over 40 years of experience as an orthopedic surgeon and more than 20 years in the treatment of spine disorders. During that time he experienced a great number of cases that could have been treated in a better and more efficient way. After leaving the hospital and retiring, Dr. Kraft decided not to bury his experience but rather to help patients achieve the best and most suitable treatment to restore their health in the fastest and most effective way possible.

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